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7-Eleven Franchise Owners Stage Protests Against Joe DePinto

7-Eleven Protest - Joe DePintoVia Unhappy Franchisee

7-ELEVEN Franchisee Protest Photos: 7-Eleven franchise owners continue to stage protests against their franchisor 7-Eleven, Inc., CEO Joe DePinto, parent Seven and I Holdings Co. and Seven and I Chairman Toshifumi Suzuki.

The photos below were taken at a 7-Eleven protest outside of CBS Studio Center, 4024 Radford Ave, Studio City, CA on August 27, 2014 and posted to Flickr by dukhiloga.

Information by dukhiloga indicates that 7-Eleven Joe DePinto was at CBS Studio Center for business-related taping. Other 7-Eleven personnel were also spotted entering CBS. Joe DePinto was reportedly spotted in a black SUV, which quickly sped away from 7-Eleven franchisee protesters.

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PETITION: Joe DePinto, Return Our 7-Eleven Or Pay For It!

Joe DePinto - 7-Eleven
There’s a new petition going around demanding 7-Eleven CEO Joe DePinto either return the Patel family’s 7-Eleven franchise or pay for it.

The Patel family have owned and operated the 7-Eleven franchise in Riverside, California for 19 years. Recently, 7-Eleven seized the location from them claiming “excessive couponing” and forced the Patels to sign over the store despite asking for time to hire a qualified lawyer to represent them. The store seizure has sparked outrage in the community prompting public protests, a Facebook page and an appearance on the John & Ken Show on Los Angeles talk radio station KFI AM 640.

The petition can be found on Unhappy Franchisee.