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Residents in 7-Eleven Building Taking Kushner Companies to Court

7-Eleven Building Residents Sue Kushner CompaniesEV Grieve is reporting several East Village residents are taking Kushner Companies to housing court for failing to provide basic services like heat, hot water and a locked front door. Kusher Companies recently purchased 17 East Village properties from Ben Shaoul and since then their quality of live has rapidly deteriorated. It seems Kushner Companies are focused on the 7-Eleven being constructed on the ground floor and not much else. From the post:

The Kushner Companies officially took over control of the 17 buildings on the LES that Ben Shaoul owned for 3-plus years. For the 2 months that followed the change of ownership, Jared Kushner’s company failed to provide basic services like heat, hot water and a locked front door. The tenants filed an HP Action against Kushner and are taking him to Housing Court this week.

In the past 2-3 months under new ownership, the daily lives of the tenants in the building have been a living hell. Clearly, their focus is on getting the $35,000/month 7-11 in on the ground floor without a care for the well-being of the tenants.

Damaged wall at 170 Avenue A above 7-ElevenThe laundry list of complaints include no heat/hot water, a malfunctioning heating system, cracked walls/structural damage, an unlocked main entrance, removal of smoke detectors, low water pressure, illegal after hours work, an unavailable building super and filthy hallways/entrance. Got all that?

On April 6th, a resident of the building was robbed by 4 men who broke into her apartment while she was sleeping and stole her electronics. Residents believe the dilapidated construction site and broken security lights made the building a target for crime. Since our reporting on the incident the vulnerabilities in the structure appear to have been fixed.

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