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BREAKING NEWS! Top-Grossing 7-Eleven Is On A Highway!

7-Eleven Montauk HighwayIt should come as no surprise the nation’s top-grossing 7-Eleven is not in the East Village, the West Village – or on St. Mark’s! – but on a stretch of Long Island highway.

And why is 7-Eleven so popular on Long Island?

Ubiquitous at intersections and along highways here, 7-Elevens also have cultural significance for many Long Islanders, who see the shops as a repository of childhood nostalgia, including memories of multiflavored Slurpees.

“7-Eleven has been here since the ’60s, and they really have a monopoly on the convenience-store market,” said Gregg Carlin, a retail real estate broker and senior vice president at CBRE’s Melville office. “There are no other chains that do what they do here. Long Islanders are very comfortable with 7-Elevens.”

With 208 locations on Long Island, how could it be anything other than a monopoly?

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